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Fairfield National and Fairfield American

 9 Year Old 2022 Tournament

Dates:   Saturday, July 16th – Sunday, July 30th

Location: Melville Park, Tunxis Hill Park, Gould Manor

Playoffs: Single elimination 

Awards: Individual trophies for Championship and Runner-up teams 

Questions: Contact Joe Sorrentino, of Fairfield National League at (646) 372-7071 (cell).


Tournament Rules

Tournament follows National Little League rules (i.e. “The Green Book”) (2022 as modified by 9/10 tournament rules pages 107-108). The following rules are designed to help the Manager and to ensure that the players to receive a fair amount of playing time, since this is a tournament of mainly 9 year old players. 

Age of Players: Tournament is designated Little League players born between 09/1/2012 and 08/31/2013. Any player born prior to January 1, 2013, which would make them younger than 9yo would also be eligible to particiapte in the tournament. This tournament is for non-district All-Star players only.

Continuous Batting: All players will bat in order. There's no changing of order. If a team has 14 players, then they will bat one through 14.

Pitching: Pitch counts are being followed by National LL 9/10 tournament rules in the green book page 119 section 4. Teams entered into other tournaments must follow National Rules for number of pitches thrown per game and rest required.  Pitchers are allowed to warm up in the bullpens.  PLAYERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO THROW CURVE BALLS.

Free substitution: All players can be substituted in the field without penalty.

Mercy Rule: 10 runs after four innings

Stealing:  Stealing is allowed and there shall be no limit on the number of steals per inning.  A player stealing a base MAY advance on an overthrow.  Example- if a base runner attempts to steal second base and the catcher throws the ball into center field the base runner MAY attempt to advance.

Ties: Games cannot end in ties and there is no time limit for the completion of games. Games suspended due to darkness will need to be completed on a future date. 

Game time: Any team 15 minutes late for the start of the game will forfeit the game.

Visiting team: Will take field practice 35 minutes prior to the start of the game.

Home team: Will take field practice 20 minutes prior to the start of the game and end 5 minutes prior to start of the game.

Sportsmanship Rule: No chanting, cheering, comments, insults or noises of any kind while the pitcher is on the rubber and about to throw a pitch. After pitch is thrown, words or encouragement are fine.

Protest of games: Manager must file a protest with an umpire prior to the pitcher delivering the ball. A protest is to be announced to the Umpire-in-Chief and then directed to the Tournament Director. Judgment calls made by an umpire are not grounds for protest. End of game protests must be made prior to umpires leaving the playing field.

Number of Players: All teams must play with a minimum of nine players. If a team fields only nine players and one is injured, then the team can play with eight players and an “out” will be recorded in the missing players position at bat. 

On deck batters: No on deck bat swinging allowed. 

Bunting: No slash bunting is allowed.

Dropped Third Strike: The batter is out regardless of whether the ball is caught by the catcher or not.

Coaches: Only three coaches are permitted in the dugout during defensive innings and one coach must remain in the dugout during offensive innings. 

Playoff tiebreakers:  If teams are tied in terms of seeding or entry into playoff round, tie breakers will be: 1) head to head, 2) lowest Runs Allowed Ratio per Section IV of Green Book Tournament rules page 135, 3) win/loss vs. common opponent, and 4) coin toss. 

Game & Pitch Count Reporting:

1. After each game the two managers must go over pitch counts for each player on each team to make sure you are in agreement. It is a good idea to do this after each inning. 

2. The winning manager must report the score of the game and the pitch counts for both teams via email to jsorrentino112@gmail.com. You must also copy in your email the other manager on the losing team. This should be done by 9PM on the day you played your game. We may have a few night games and if that happens the winning manager must report by 11PM.

All other rules are to be followed by the 2022 National Little League Rule Book.